srikrishna mamidipudi

head of advertising. challenger. creator.

Srikrishna Mamidipudi

a quick intro!

I have worked in multiple disciplines such as research, UX design, advertising, strategy & project management within deep red ink in the last 6 years. For a large part of my career, I was a project lead handling clients spanning across real estate, education and health sectors, all at once.

The idea of building communities online fascinated me. The complexity of managing multiple media channels, segmenting the audience and delivering personalized communication made me choose digital marketing as a career.

I have grown with Deep Red Ink and have fond memories here. Deep Red Ink’s innovative practices at the workplace and genuine interest in growing the client’s business is what makes DRI a special place for me.

roles @ deepredink

ux designer
digital marketer
data analyst
lead: creative process
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