shruti acharya

content curator. idealist. people person.

Shruti Acharya

a quick intro!

I have three years of experience in HR operations and recruitment, and two years in business development, sales and marketing in the recruitment and hospitality industries. After a stint in the corporate world, I worked with a Children’s Library and Experience Centre to encourage children to read and be more creative and imaginative. I also conducted workshops and nature walks for children so as to teach them the importance of conservation.

At deepredink, I enjoy the employee relations aspect of my work the most. I enjoy putting smiles on people’s faces. Working here has allowed me to learn that processes are not always necessary, that each person is different, and that there is more than one way to do the same job.

roles @ deepredink

content curator
lead: meeting process
member: infra & operations
member: people & relationships
member: conservation


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