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Santhan Reddy

a quick intro!

A doctor by education, but an entrepreneur at heart, I started my business career in the healthcare industry at a young age, having the good fortune of having an existing family business. Spending 3 years in a senior position of a new project, I have learnt the nuts and bolts of business in the field. Following my first job were three years of intense self-searching and multiple jobs. I began learning psychology and became a counsellor, began learning yoga and became a yoga therapist, became a freelance designer, an advertising copywriter, yoga teacher, and workshop facilitator. This intense restlessness to understand myself calmed down when I understood that the purpose of my life is to bring another’s purpose to life. That’s how deepredink entered my life.

Building deepredink is a labour of love. Working with this team is like working with my family (with all the emotions that only a family can elicit!). In this workplace, I truly believe there is no line between work and play. We just live.

roles @ deepredink

lead: alignment to purpose
lead: graphic & ux design
business consultant
mentor: project performance

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