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founder. thinker. strategist.

S V Sashank

a quick intro!

I was an entrepreneur journeying alone, hoping to find a team that can help me realize my aspirations. My hopes were realized; deepredink happened!

I’m responsible for the purpose of deepredink coming alive. This means I work with clients, teams and partners discover their own purpose and potential. This is what I’m passionate about doing. deepredink is larger than a job, or a vocation, or a dream. It is an environment. It is the environment in which I grow as a person. I’ve been able to take on deep challenges like learning to trust, being grounded, finding expression through writing, etc.

Growth happens at the meeting point of support and challenge, and I’ve found sufficient support here to grow.

roles @ deepredink

business consultant
lead: alignment to purpose
mentor: work balance
mentor: deepredink branding

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