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launch dialogue in the dark exhibition in India


Dialogue in the Dark cannot be described in words. One really has to experience the utter darkness inside the exhibition to understand it. Our brief was to raise the curiosity of people so that they would want to experience it first-hand.


about dialogue in the dark

Dialogue In The Dark puts you in everyday situations – like crossing the road, or going to the supermarket – but in complete darkness, awakening the senses, and deepening self awareness.

Visually impaired guides take you through an unforgettable journey, opening you up to a completely new way of seeing the world with your touch, hearing and smell.

we worked on

launch strategy
web content strategy
website development
web copywriting
teaser campaign
digital marketing


Dialogue in the Dark Website Designwebsite design

Launch Poster Campaignposter campaign

Corporate customer illustrationillustrations

Dialogue in the Dark Website Introwebsite intro movie


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