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Harish Kotra

a quick intro!

Being passionate with computers and web, made me turn into a freelancer while pursuing my B.Tech with major in Computer Science & Engineering in Hyderabad. Computers always drove me crazy since childhood which made me put my leg into everything on the internet. I am a self-taught geek who does web and loves Android.

Deep Red Ink is truly the best places to work. The culture and the love people have towards each other drives me crazy. Every one here will talk about it but experiencing it to the extreme level in just 3 months is what differentiates me here. Being passionate about what I do, brought me here and I love the fact that individuality is honored here at Deep Red Ink.

Clearly, I learned what I am as a human being and I strongly believe I am heading towards identifying why I exist here as a person but not an employee in a company. Enjoying work today by taking experiences learnt from yesterday is how I learned to work here.

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Web Specialist
Tech Writer
Startup Evangelist
mentor: Web Development

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