anish kumar

digital marketer. energizer. visual artist.

Anish Kumar

a quick intro!

Before joining deepredink, I was completing my Masters in Software Engineering, unsure of where I was headed. All my classmates were being absorbed by these MNC’s. I knew I didn’t want that life.

I am a battle-hardened gamer, and can safely say that it is a myth that video games ruin people’s minds. A few essential skills that I’ve picked up while being immersed in the hedonistic world of gaming; team-work, quick decision making, adaptive strategy, and yes, button-bash!

Initially hired as a coder, I am now a digital marketing analyst, part-time visual designer, and most-of-the-time mad-hatter. Being able to contribute to many diverse projects in so many ways has allowed me to discover some hidden talents. I think it’s epic (that’s my word) that I have the freedom to learn new things at a comfortable pace.

roles @ deepredink

digital marketer
visual designer
lead: project performance
lead: tech hiring

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